Panier of Plenty

Bonne Année 2013

Looking at a beloved cat or dog curled up, we are reminded of the
simple things in life that add up to ‘wellbeing’. Food of course,
is usually no.1 on the list as their needs are met (often!). Comfort,
perhaps next, as they seek warmth and company; a little water and
that’s about it…

Our pets prompt us to just enjoy ‘being in the moment’ – appreciating
all we have already – taking time to enter the world of daydreams,
as in stillness, we invite ‘the new’ to enter, balancing continuous
action with repose, whether it is just enjoying the warmth of the
sun or the contentment that comes from a delicious meal, as the new
year heralds ‘bonheur’ in all we undertake.

1st January

Mina, 1st January

Embracing the new year

Embracing the new year

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4 thoughts on “Bonne Année 2013

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    What a crystallizing image of contentment! Gorgeous! Wishing you a very Happy twenty thirteen – filled with good health, good energy, resolution, and many wonderful adventures! Salute! xx

  2. Hi Vivienne, a very Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. I hope you’re enjoying the cooler months and the (fruits & labours) of all your hard work during the warmer months. No doubt you’re enjoying your stock pile of seasonal treasures and food as you also enjoy those snowy days. May they be filled with good food and a warm cat at your feet!

    • Dear Alice, Happy New Year to you and all your family, thank you so much for your warm wishes. I hope you had a wonderful holiday and have come back bursting with new culinary ideas (had a look for Christmas, will visit again)… and are now enjoying a beautiful Sydney Summer. Hearty soups are on the menu here, many pots of blackberry jam have been consumed, and ‘raclette’ is a Winter favourite. Enjoy the abundance of Summer fruits and vegetables. I wish Mina was at my feet more, she is always seeking my lap, even if it is filled by a journal or laptop, or lunch (:

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