Panier of Plenty

With Hearty Greetings

First image: Christmas card from my Great, Great Grandfather to
my Great, Grandfather William Bartley, father of my Great
Grandmother. Rhapael Tuck and Sons Ltd, London, Paris, New York.
Publishers to her Majesty the Queen.

Second image: In the shape of a bag that opens (which has lost
its delicate cut-out handles), that reads ‘With Hearty Greetings’
and has also been altered, as the table image is replaced with
‘bed’… giving a hint that this card speaks of ‘romance’ although
identities remain unknown…

Enjoying a quiet day reflecting, I am reminded of ‘presence’.
Not the physical gifts that we associate with the arrival of
Père Noël, but of family and friends, who although are absent
(geographically in this case), remain very alive in my thoughts.
There are also those that I never knew in person, yet continue
to play a part in my life, as I was moved to open the engraved
wooden writing box that comes from my Great Grandfather.

Finely embossed

Finely embossed

Heartfelt wishes...

Heartfelt wishes…

Christmas greetings,
kind and warm,
unto you this
card is bringing,
Angels bright
Around you winging,
Keep your life
From care and harm.

I have been journeying with my ancestors, reading extracts of
their lives, and sharing their hopes and dreams, which include
Christmas wishes, and a recipe that my Great Grandmother, and
then my Gran used to make, as it lives on, typed out on fine
paper, alongside the elegantly penned testaments to an age
before my own that continues to leave its indelible mark.

Tiny printed photo surround

Tiny printed photo

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2 thoughts on “With Hearty Greetings

  1. Beautiful cards, and I enjoy your expression of journeying with your ancestors.
    Denis Wilson

    • Hello Denis, Lovely image, not that I didn’t enjoy seeing your face! Happy New Year – I hope it is a wonderful one, with many new adventures and tiny orchid discoveries, love Vivienne

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