Panier of Plenty

Icy fingers

As snow once again fell on the mountain, today’s surprise is
a sharp frost and glittering icicles. Too much for the system
that brings water; the pipeline is frozen and offers only drips.

Crystals abound

Crystals abound

Beauty's touch

Beauty’s touch

As beauty has touched the ground, icy fingers have left a
signature, and crystal stars abound. With a sudden gesture, the
trees that had clung to their Autumn leaves have let them rain
down, and while the météo experiences such lows (extreme), we
are also ‘amongst the highest degrees’ for all of France, as the
South protects its reputation as sunny and clement… thus already,
December is proving exceptional!

Frost thawing

Frost thawing

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2 thoughts on “Icy fingers

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    pretty pretty!

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