Panier of Plenty

Clémentine, citrouille, rouille, potiron…

Orange, cuivre, potimarron…

Clémentine coloured leaves

As agrumes (citrus) come into season, with a sweep of Nature’s brush,
the mountains are ready for their vernissage (the opening of an art
exhibition). Rather than gradual progress, this year there is a sudden
fanfare. The roadside is now carpeted – as if when closing my eyes
to sleep, and opening them to a new day, was all the time needed to
prepare this display.

Crossing our stone bridge

Walking down the mountain

And then back up the road…

The forest plunges to the river

Trees hug rocks

The bergerie perched on rocks

Contours are revealed, as it is now possible to trace the hillside
that holds the forest as it drops steeply to the river below.
Trees hug rocks – the very earth we live on, as our home clings
to the promontory, their roots embracing the entire mountain.

The menu is pumpkin soup, carrots and squeezed orange juice, a homage
to Autumn’s ‘ouverture’.

Oranges and clémentines in season

Potiron (pumpkin)

Météo: After a Sunday of heavy rain and mist, we are now back up to
18ºC under blue skies, as Paris recorded 12ºC.

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2 thoughts on “Clémentine, citrouille, rouille, potiron…

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    Warmer than the Highlands approaching Summer! Making ‘clementine/cumquat/satsuma’ marmalade. Not sure which fruit it is. x

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