Panier of Plenty


Mt Bugarach, 7th November

Pic de Bugarach (1230 m).

The ascent

As 12-12-12 approaches, Mt Bugarach beacons, cited as a centre for
‘ascension’. The Mayan Calendar seen as the cue that indicates an
‘ending of the world as we know it’ – the books and texts that aim
to predict all lead up to this time, for years of speculation now
culminate in this moment.

What will it mean – destruction, or rebirth of the New Earth? And
more poignantly, are we prepared? What steps have we made to
ensure our place – will we be spared? Is it a matter of going to this
site, or others, that act as beacons for this fate-filled day, or are we
equally advised to go about our business, perhaps unaware that
anything is taking place.

Will the lucky few be ‘beamed up’ to another realm, leaving us with
our mess as we continue to mistreat the Earth, or simply fail to see
the signs that warned us to act – that there is an opportunity and we
can jump on the bandwagon? Who are the commentators watching
these events, as already, television cameras can be seen in the vicinity,
and cars laden with belongings, and caravans filled with ‘campers
– in answer to a calling. Speculation has dominated the press, and
there are rumours of a serious ‘military presence’ – yet what does
everyone expect?

The fireworks display that marks any fête, perhaps on a larger scale,
as all that we know ‘goes up in smoke’ or is altered forever? Living,
as we do, in this modern world, we try to interpret the writings of
our ancestors, based on our experience and what we divine, from our
perspective, for in our day and age it is far from what they ‘understood
and respected’. The laws of the land are ‘far removed from what was
once upheld as integral truth’, and as we approach their ‘teachings’ from
our 3D perspective, a piece of the puzzle seems to be missing – for we
acknowledge our calendar is different, and make calculations and study
the vibration of numbers.

What do we waiting for? A big bang, or the millennium bug (a little late,
we might add), or Armageddon as it is written? Survival of the fittest
or just the chosen few, some kind of ‘natural selection’, in line with
views on evolution, that speak of ‘competition’? A man-made construct
(just like ‘time’), imposed on nature, as we try and make sense of the
world around us in terms of events and dramas – part of a deadline driven
society – that imposes réglementation where there is only ‘fluidity’.

For if we look at ‘change’ on a more holistic level, it is more likely
to be gradual, as ‘assimilated or integrated’ is the natural process,
just like when ‘healing’ takes place: it doesn’t happen overnight but
adheres to a pace and a higher plan. It is not ‘under our control’
– we must take ourselves out of the way, ensuring that ‘conditions are
favourable’ as we wish to return to balance.

Applying this ‘example’ to the current period, what might we divine if
we want to contribute a prediction?

That whatever occurs, whether it is ‘evident’ or not (in terms of measurable;
with instruments or impact), is simple, ‘natural’ and a stage of evolution
that is gradual and without confusion, for although we – the observer – love
‘sensation’, we are not privy to all the inner workings of evolution. Limited
by our need to define that which refuses, by its very nature, to be given
a timeline or any kind of linear form, or limited by thinking that ‘cannot
encompass the entire universe’. For as endless as the skies, the view from
Mt Bugarach reminds us that ‘there is more than meets the eyes’. As hard
as we might focus our attentions on the details, being lost in immensity
– the quantum world – is closer to what we might term ‘reality’ as we alter
outcomes… for nothing is written in stone.

Beech and ‘box’ (buxus) forest

Engraved stone by the path

Roots holding the mountain

Calcaire rocks above

Snowcapped peaks in the distance

Nearing the top of the ridge

The ridge, rock formations

Looking up

Summit, and Canigou now visible

Glider flying over summit

Looking towards Quillan

A gathering on the peak

View to Cathar country

The Mediterranean and Albères

Continuing the 360º view

Starting the descent

Back over the ridge, in shadow

Lake and village of Bugarach below

Arriving at the base of the mountain

Some of the many faces of Mt Bugarach, driving around the mountain…

The approach from St Paul

Another angle

Side view, route to Quillan

Continuing round the base

Fairy chimneys

According to local estimates, numbers of people climbing Mt Bugarach
have doubled, to around 20,000 this year (there seems to be no way of
monitoring numbers as there is nothing ‘official’, yet there was a very
steady stream of people on Wednesday 7th November).

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