Panier of Plenty

Dressed in clouds

The mas, looking across to Canigou

Wearing stripes

5th November


Hand in hand with a thoughtful pace is ‘time dedicated to attention
of detail’ – the things we might not notice when in a rush become
more important, a daily focus. Canigou, who dominates the view,
could easily be ignored for he is always there – offering nothing
‘new’. Yet by greeting him each day, it becomes clear he is never
the same.

6th November, morning

6th November, evening

Whether radiating the sun or dressed in clouds, his peaks jutting out,
or completely enshrouded… the canvas changes by the minute, as light
dances across his slopes and mists are sculpted. At times, they rise
before our eyes, engulfing the mountains in every direction, and on
other days, we’re the only ones in his world, as everything on the
plains below is covered by the ‘Marin’, and here the sun beats down…
360º of continuous change; the peaks that surround us are ever alive,
as a constant reminder that nothing lasts forever – it is only fleeting
– yet each instant can remain etched as wonder commits it to memory.
Adding to the reservoir of magic close at hand, there to be admired
each day – raising our eyes to meet its display.

8th November, morning

Au-dessus de ce Roussilon que tu protégés,
Impassible berger des bois et des hammeaux
Qui tends vers le Soleil la candeur de tes neiges,
L’orgueil de tes sommets et l’hymne de tes eaux !

Montagne ruisselante, où la cascade abrite
Sous ses lianes en fleur le pâtre fatigue,
Où, par les belles nuits d’étoiles, ressuscite
L’âme de Fleurdeneige et du grand Verdaguer ;

Sapins noir de Balatg où chantent les sonnailles,
Rocs sombre où l’isard pose son pied hardi,
Clocher de Saint-Martin, toit bleu de Mariailles,
Aconits lumineux des ruisseaux de Cadi,

Canigou dominant les saisons et l’espace,
Je t’aime de dresser ainsi, paisable et clair,
Entre l’azur du ciel et celui de la mer,
Le rêve infini de ma race !

Albert Bausil

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