Panier of Plenty

Hunting and gathering…

2nd November, cèpes

3rd November, lactaire délicieux,

Preparing and preserving… the daily focus is still on the harvest
and either enjoying it fresh or organising stocks for Winter. Each
day brings newtreasures as conditions continue to favour ‘champignons’.
Visiting the morning market in Céret, lactaire délicieux (which were
already green with age) were 15 euros a kilo, cariolettes the same,
girolles 20 euros and cèpes not to be found (they usually fetch higher
prices) – confirming that they are not plentiful this year.

I realise how lucky we are to just walk out the door, so I did, only
five minutes away in the forest the most perfect lactaire délicieux
were waiting. Of course it takes time and dedication – to survey the
weather and likely spots – but it becomes almost addictive as it is
such a pleasure to find a surprise. For me, it is another small step
towards ‘belonging’ as I can now find highly-prized mushrooms as
well as a local – an integral part of the menu at this time.

Dried cèpes and coulemelles

Another batch of quince paste

Quinces with vanilla and cinnamon

Roasted for the purée

On the menu this week:

Cabbage (garden) rolls stuffed with pork sausage and chestnuts
Banana bread with chestnuts (sliced and toasted for breakfast)
Chestnut purée, with catalan sausage and cèpes
Magret de canard on chestnut purée, and lactaire délicieux
roasted in the fire…

Spiced banana bread with chestnuts

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3 thoughts on “Hunting and gathering…

  1. mesarapugs on said:


  2. Beautiful produce and beautiful menu. Still so very inspired by your stories of living off the land. Somehow urban Sydney isn’t quite as exciting with a trip to Coles, but nonetheless a little armchair (or blog) travel is always welcome!

    • Hello Alice, thank you! I think I wished this life, as one of the things that struck me on holidays here was the variety of trees that grow in the wild or by the roadside – many of them very old like giant walnuts or gnarled olives… I always thought how nice it would be to have such a choice. Yet there are many things I miss here – it is clear that supermarkets and markets (like Paddy’s, or Orange Grove in Rozelle where I used to shop) have an incredible variety of produce – so many Asian specialities, or Lebanese, Italian (Norton St Grocer, sigh)… here it is so completely ‘seasonal and regional’ that degree of variety doesn’t exist… so the menu is completely different to what I cooked in Australia…(:

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