Panier of Plenty

La Toussaint

For All Saints’ Day there is a jour férié (public holiday), as in
Catholic tradition, the dead are remembered and flowers placed on
their graves. Yet the origins go back much further as Samhain is
celebrated on the Celtic Calender, and the veils between worlds are
thin, as if the ancestors may walk again. In villages around this
region, carline are a common sight – a protection symbol to guard
the home, nailed to doors as a porte-bonheur, or lucky charm.
Ensuring prosperity, yet curiously, telling of climatic changes,
as the thistles curls, or closes, when rain or a storm is expected.
Reminiscent of the sun, the Carlina acanthifolia is also a protected
Pyrénéan species.

Click here to view Wikipedia: Celtic Calendar

Carline in the village Evol, Pyrénées Orientales

Souvent recherché et cueilli pour son aspect très décoratif, ce chardon
sert de baromètre : la plante voit son capitule se refermer à l’approche
du mauvais temps. Le capitule se conserve séché et est souvent accroché
aux portes des maisons de certains villages, en guise de porte-bonheur
et de protection. La carline à feuilles d’acanthe (Carlina acanthifolia)
est une plante appartenant au genre Carlina et à la famille des Astéracées,
ou Composées, comme l’artichaut.

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