Panier of Plenty

Behind closed doors

As focus is on ‘plenty’ it is usually sunshine, and the wonderful
produce that comes from the warmth of its rays as they shine on
the South of France. Yet today, as the door closes on October,
the dominant element is ‘water’ as it teems with rain. The entire
département lacked rainfall and voila! – all is coming back in
to balance, as the reservoirs are filled and the forest is happy
to drink. It is only in the concrete jungle water cannot sink
– so along with replenishment of this precious resource there
is surface flooding – a natural result.

The seasons here are quite abrupt; plants naturally stop growing and
quickly depart as Winter now raises his head and makes a start.
Rubbing his hands together he embraces his task with relish, “Right,
I am here and you shall have snow,” as all he touches changes. In a
twinkling, the summer clothes are packed away, and a fire is glowing
in the grate. This is it, there’s no looking back, for the mist has
rolled in and he has all under hand. The menu is now hearty, the
results of the harvest, as soups and casseroles simmer away – for
‘indoors’ is cosy and shelter most welcome. Winter is an adversary
when he raises his baton, “Wind it shall be” as he whips it to a pace,
or “frost you shall see” – it has arrived, yesterday. Thus the routine
changes to reflect what’s happening outdoors and feathers the nest,
as books are opened once more, and cooking, more lavish than before.

With time to write and contemplate, the joy of the season is also
‘initiate and create’ as focus returns to ‘heart and home’, and
hunkered down or nestled in, ideas are born and formed through
incubation. Projects take precedent and blossom, while in nature
they abate, thus closing the porte to the outside is but an opening
on the other side – as an inner world waits to be explored, and
imagination comes the fore.

The reading and writing chair

But wait, there’s more…

As if to say it is ‘impossible to stay indoors’, nature put on a display
as the clouds abated, clinging to the top of the mountains, and the view
to Canigou cleared – Winter has touched his upper slopes – resplendent
he is cloaked in white.

Following a shifting canvas

Clouds cling to upper slopes

View to Col d’Ouillat

The storm now in Spain

Evening falls, 31st October

The clouds lift

The bergerie at dusk

Click here to view some of the highlights of October 2012

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