Panier of Plenty

Chestnuts and chocolate

Lindt chocolat noir

Gâteau au chocolat made with chestnuts

With an abundance of chestnuts, I have been ‘experimenting’ in the
cuisine, and can confirm that the result was delicious – chestnuts
roasted in the fire (in a special metal pan with holes, each one slit
with a knife first, and tossed often as they heat on the embers) then
peeled and ground, replace the 125g of almonds in this ‘flourless’
chocolate cake recipe. Preparing the chestnuts takes time (shells
and inner skins need to be removed whilst hot), yet all efforts are
rewarded, as the cake is moist and truly autumnal – using produce
freely available from the surrounding forest.

Recipe: Gâteau au chocolat

Alternatively, peel chestnuts roasted in the fire and dip into melted
chocolate whilst still hot… best consumed immediately!

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3 thoughts on “Chestnuts and chocolate

  1. These recipes appeal in so many ways to me. I’ve come to love chestnuts a little later in life with a true appreciation for them now. I’ve also discovered uses for homemade chestnut meal too (& will definitely need to try these with the chocolate gateau next year in Autumn.)

    Love the variation of a ‘strawberry/chestnut’ dip too!

    • I thought of chocolate strawberries too, haven’t even thought to make them here – Frédéric has never tried them, that will be my project for next year. I imagine your parents might have chestnuts in Tasmania? Hope you are enjoying lovely fresh spring produce, so strange to be completely opposite and think of the Sydney summer…

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