Panier of Plenty

La rosée du matin

La rosée du matin – morning dew

Morning light

Mina well camouflaged

Light reaches the front field

It is a ‘magical mercredi’. As Wednesday commences, there is not a
breath of wind, and everything is glistening as spheres of dew catch
the morning light. Transformed by the rain, the grass resembles the
first growth of spring – renewal – rather than heralding Autumn.

Rosé des prés have appeared in the vegetable garden, and we enjoyed
a bolet, or cèpe, as an entrée; sliced and lightly baked in the oven,
with butter and parsley.

Rosé des prés

The first cèpe (Cépe d’été)

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One thought on “La rosée du matin

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    What a glorious morning, full of magic and mystery!! And cepes!! Lovely 🙂

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