Panier of Plenty


The dam – our garden water


After days of torrential rain, thunder and lightning, the river is
rushing past, yet surprisingly not overflowing. Whilst other regions
in the South (particularly Lourdes) have had extensive flood damage,
we have weathered the storms that flattened plants in the garden,
broke some of the support structures and ‘grilled’ the telephone…

After a little discomfort surveying the scene, there is also reward,
by way of ‘an abundance of mushrooms’. Magically transformed into an
omelette for dinner, the cariolettes which commonly grow in ‘ronds de
sorcières, or cercles des fées’ (witch, or fairy circles) were a welcome
surprise – they are even appearing on the lawn by the front steps.

Temperatures are also ‘exceptionally clement’ and have surpassed all
previous records for October (i.e. statistics that date back 200+ years
– Corsica reached 27ºC yesterday). With the forecast return of sunshine,
there will be many more champignons ready to harvest…

Often in rounds or fairy circles

A small cluster – one side of a large ring – they form an impressive
circle, 3m in diameter.

Cariolettes, ready to cook

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4 thoughts on “Abracadabra!

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    Magnificent running water pix! And love the perfect bowl of cariolettes – miam miam!! x

    • Mina is partial to mushrooms, when in reach she will start to nibble them raw, a fairly good indicator they are edible ones… she also enjoys tham cooked – she has terrible table manners, and as we are able to eat outside with the return of lovely weather, has to be restrained from climbing up to lick the plate… (:

  2. mesarapugs on said:

    Nature is the boss!

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