Panier of Plenty


As rain is driven horizontally and mist shrouds the mountains, the fire
is most welcome – and I am staring at the bookshelf. Scanning each row,
for there are books I don’t yet know, and I wonder why there is never
enough time to sit and enjoy ‘what is there already’ – waiting only for
my attention.

Many have travelled across the world as I shipped my favourites, or
those with the most value. Now they are joined by volumes in French,
and there’s quite a collection on every subject. Part of the pleasure
of reading is the voyage – of being transported to another era, or a
world that is foreign, or ways we’ve not seen – opening up our
imagination as we create a scene. Gaining insights, adding to our
experience; taking us to somewhere new and leaving our lives richer.

If it’s knowledge we seek, it’s not hard to find; we can study great
dictionaries, or bury ourselves in the classics, or choose avant-garde
if we’re more of an activist. Yet I realise there is another dimension
– each one of these books is a personal or collective expression. And
equally, as they all contribute, they are but one way of looking at
the world; depending on the author, or a ‘generally accepted view’
if they aim to be the expert: Larousse, or Robert, or Collins, combined,
represent the widely held thought of the time.

Balance must be found between what we read and in turn believe,
and our own voice or contribution – for we are all unique. By writing,
not just reading, we offer a view, sparking of reactions as they are
‘in accord’ or ‘dispute’. Thus each knows their truth, for it comes
from the mirror that promotes inner questioning, and crystalises new
meaning – for ‘evolving’ is what we do. Constantly adding to our
understanding and what ‘feels right to us’ as words resonate – uplifted
or dismayed – we are carried through the ‘whole range’ when we pick up
a book and start to engage with it.

Yet a pen that leaves an indelible mark, or a keyboard that produces
text that is then published, offers an insight into what we’ve tucked
away – on how we relate to life and our experiences each day – building
our repertoire and expanding our ideas, as we ‘realise what makes us tick’,
just by being the observer. Of allowing inspiration to emerge in whatever
form it chooses to take, getting to the bottom of ‘who we are’, as much
as we hold others in esteem – for we all possess the ability to communicate
what we ‘hold dear’, it is only a matter of stopping long enough to invite
it to appear.

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