Panier of Plenty

Chasing the blues

How can one fail to be uplifted
When the sky overhead speaks of ‘unlimited’
Of possibilities as endless as its reaches,
For it arches beyond any horizon we might perceive
Enveloping all we know,
The purveyor of all dreams –

For watching clouds, or none at all
Gazing into space holds us enthralled
Reduced to small,
Any problems dissolve in an instant –

For in immensity, we are lost and found
Wandering off, only to touch the ground
And realise that all is well,
For in the scheme of things
All is but a ‘spell’ –

A passing shower that obscures the sun,
For surely it will shine again,
And our spirits soar as birds take wing –

Blue, so blue are theses skies
When we remember to raise our head
And open our eyes.

Morning glory

October sky

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2 thoughts on “Chasing the blues

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    Lovely sentiments and so aptly compiled and put! Love the photos! So beautiful and sensitive xx

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