Panier of Plenty

Water World

As the afternoon draws to a close,
I find myself transfixed by a mutable world

The river, now running, is also still
As pools reflect as mirrors, transcending this dimension
Transporting me to a world where ripples shape the vision
That unfolds before my eyes –

A shimmer, a wave, a tear in the fabric of time,
Suddenly the scene has changed, as light dances
Yet depths remain,
And clouds traverse, altering their state,
And I, the observer
Cannot help but admire
Life’s constant flicker as certain change

For nothing lies static, this is Nature’s stage
As elements come together, creating the performance
And the audience, amazed, can only gaze
In wonder at the simplicity of this magnificent display.

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4 thoughts on “Water World

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    Such sensitive visual observations! Love the largest image – beautiful!

  2. Beautifully observed, Vivienne.
    Nice poetry.

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