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Perpignan opens its doors

Journées Européennes du Patrimoine
Perpignan, Ville d’art et d’histoire.

A highlight on the cultural calendar, this weekend’s programme invited
visitors and locals ‘behind the scenes’, giving free access to some of
Perpignan’s finest historical treasures – including museums and private
spaces normally hidden from the public eye – as doors were thrown open.

The legacy left by the Kings of Mallorca and the city’s merchant classes
remains as a testament to both ‘a wealth of initiative’ and the ‘constant
battle for territory’ – visible in the landmarks that make Perpignan so
distinctively Catalan.

Hôtel Pams, 19th Century.

Blazon, King of Cigarette Papers.

Walking into the foyer.

Ascending the marble staircase.

Arriving on the landing.

Looking up.

Intricate etched borders.

A skylight-domed space.

Boiserie detail.

The secluded garden courtyard.

The façade.

Bordering the courtyard.

Grand proportions.

Lions on a statuesque sideboard.

Hôtel de Ville and La Loge, 14th-16th Centuries.

La Loge internal doorway.

Hôtel de Ville, la Salle des Mariages.

Salle detail.

The impressive ceiling.

An early painting of the exterior.

La Loge, caravelle and Catalan flag.

Adjoining the Hôtel de Ville.

Le Castillet, 14th Century.

Fortified entrance to spiral staircase.

The Castillet: city gate and prison.

Traces of prisoners names remain.

Back of a door.

Etched in the window surround.

Casa Pairal, the Castillet’s museum.

Museum door.

Perpignan’s landmark by night.

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3 thoughts on “Perpignan opens its doors

  1. peonyden on said:

    Fascinating post, Vivienne.
    You have obviously landed in a place which suits you.
    Thanks for making contact.

  2. Have just discovered your blog and am so glad to see your life is as you’d always hoped. (Not to mention extremely photogenic!) Very happy for you. Suzanne xx

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