Panier of Plenty

Living in the moment

Far from my previous life, that involved meeting marketing deadlines
and followed a planned agenda, here it is nature that dictates daily

The tomato harvest

As high temperatures abate and we finally receive rain, many tomatoes
have ripened and require attention. There is a moment for everything
– when conditions are perfect – and I can choose to respond and make
the most of ‘what is there for the picking’ or let opportunities pass by
(how many blackberries have now fallen since my last harvest?).

Our tiny country kitchen

Preparing ingredients

Today is dedicated to the production of pasta sauce – using onions,
échalotes, thyme, rosemary, oregano and basil from our garden (with
garlic from Spain as we only grew a small quantity) and dried bay leaves,
harvested from the side of the road.

Simmering – in cast-iron

Sterilised jars reversed to cool

When cool, the jars will be stored in the cellar (la cave) that guards
the ‘continuously growing’ quantity of supplies for winter months.

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6 thoughts on “Living in the moment

  1. Living off the land, harvesting beautiful produce and foraging! Sounds like the perfect day job. No doubt it takes a lot of time and patience to see the fruition of your hard work. Just to think, that in the height of those snowy, winters days you will taste a vibrant tomato with the flush of summer, it’s a wonderful thing in itself!

    • Hello Alice, It’s true, there is nothing like ‘coming in from the cold’, lighting the fire, and then reliving the flavours of summer – the advantage being ‘ready in an instant’! I hope you are enjoying spring…

  2. mesarapugs on said:

    The abundance impressive, the colour sublime, the savouring (no doubt!) sensational!! Yum!! Am inspired to make tomato pasta sauce for dinner! What a bounty! xx

    • Hello there! I wasn’t sure how it would keep, but last years jars were a success, so I trust this batch will guard for many months, I hope you enjoy your dinner (with the boys waiting patiently under the table?! Glad it is warming up…

  3. You’re so right that there is a moment for everything and you have to let some opportunities pass by. Rather than panic and try to harvest everything in the garden I should heed your advice, take a deep breath and let some things fall and rot. I love the blue – is it a door? – in your photo.

    • Hello Anne, I admit it’s hard to let things pass, I tend to try and do too much, as I grew up with the conscience that everything was to be used ‘before it goes to waste'(and with daily rituals like washing plastic bags etc)… perhaps I can take your advice and sigh! I watched the wasps eat the wild pears and didn’t make rosehip jam last year as it is very time-consuming… it’s true that when there is an abundance it is ok to think that what is not used ‘returns to nature’ to nourish life (I think this every time I feed the compost)… oh and it’s a blue-green shutter, the front door step, and Mina always inspects the produce!

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