Panier of Plenty

In the panier

This morning’s harvest: A selection of yellow cocktail and cherrry
tomatoes, roma, zebra (yellow and green) and St Pierre tomatoes,
two varieties of hariots verts (fine long green beans – from dwarf
plants and a climber), a cucumber, a dappled pale green ‘courge’
or squash variety that remains a mystery, patissons (yellow frilled
squash), a round courgette that was missed and became a ‘giant’
overnight, yellow and red framboises (raspberries), strawberries
and almonds (to taste test to see if they are ready, as they’ve not
yet split open entirely).

This morning’s harvest

(For more about the garden, see ‘month by month’ in the main menu,
currently being updated for August).

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3 thoughts on “In the panier

  1. So beautiful, I believe this panier is one of the most abundant I’ve seen in a long time! The days here grow quite warm with ridiculous highs of 21-26 degrees in Syndey.

    The good thing is my winter woollies are gone and my first wild strawberries, tomatoes & chillies are making an appearance! Nowhere as prolific as your wonderful bounty, but for a balcony garden we do ok 🙂

  2. mesarapugs on said:

    Super abundant bounty – yes!!! Most envious!! And what perfect yellow squash! x

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