Panier of Plenty

In a day…

Wake to a view of mist clinging to the hills as the sun creeps in the
window… yoga on the lawn (this time without Mina)… prepare freshly
ground coffee beans for the small plunger and toasted baguette with
homemade apricot jam, and carry the tray to the walled vegetable
garden – to the shady pergola… open the shade cover for the radishes,
and the door of the cabin for the tomatoes… water the pots… refill
the watering can and leave inside so it stays at the same temperature…
sip the coffee and admire how the light catches the morning glory,
watching bees descend and re-emerge from the flowers… smile at the
rows of waving corn, pleased, as it is the first time I’ve grown corn,
thinking how we so easily take things for granted (I could perhaps
ignore corn when driving past a field),,, snip off all the dead flower
heads and gather seeds, sorting them into labelled jars… inspect
all the vegetables for ‘giants’ – mainly courgettes which grow too
large if missed… fill the water reservoir for the drip sytem…
pull out weeds… untangle the morning glory and train it back along
the bamboo supports and fishing line wires… notice the almonds
have split open and are nearly ready to harvest… pick strawberries
and patissons… count 19 melons and one watermelon… cut dead
leaves… photograph unusual tomatoes to look up the variety (small
orange clusters)… listen to our resident buzzard calling in the
valley and follow the butterflies as I write… tie the plants that
have grown… finish the final chapters of Marcel Pagnol’s ‘Le Château
de ma Mère’ (in French)… serve a gratin of courgettes, patisson,
blettes, tomatoes and ricotta and eat under the large chêne vert (oak)
on the belvédère… recommence typing my handwritten manuscript
(book) into the computer, while theatre ‘repetitions’ echo from the
salon, and then the terrace of the mas… resize and email photos…
water the tomatoes in the cabin again, and pick all the ripe ones
in the potager, along with rosemary and basil…

Tomatoes for dinner

…prepare Provençal tomatoes in an earthenware baking dish, adding
wild thyme to garden herbs… cook corn fritters in olive oil…
chase Mina from the kitchen… take the red wine from the fridge
– we are experiencing a heatwave or ‘canicule'(another new word to
remember)… shower in an attempt to cool down… pour the apéritif…
remove Mina from the table on the terrace…

On the dinner table

…dine with a light breeze, overlooking the forested mountains…
pick up the panier and secateurs and drive down the winding road to
harvest blackberries, and then to the next corner (with the fountain)
for sureau (elderberries)… hear loud horns resounding around the
mountains and watch two trucks laden with rolls of hay pass, before
arriving home at sunset… weigh, wash and strain two kilos of
blackberries (mûres) and pick off each tiny individual elder berry…
find a recipe for syrup… do the dishes… wonder what time it is…
plug in a mosquito device… water the flowers on the terrace… look at
the stars and forget about the time… close the shutters.

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8 thoughts on “In a day…

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    Awww, Vivienne!! This is magic and such wonderful reading!! Idyllic, what a day of perfection, careful observation, tranquility, harmony, peace, and earthing!! We want to come into your day! Thank you for sharing – looking forward to the next day! Bisous xxx

  2. …c’est pas mal la vie…

  3. A day in the life of bliss, is what I might I might add! So perfect and peaceful. It truly reads of being one with both nature, self & home.

  4. Wonderful description of your day.

    • Hello Anne, merci ! I didn’t realise the day was so full until I read back… imagine your life contains similar activities at times, although you are occupied on a much grander scale…

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