Panier of Plenty

Confiture de mûres

Four kilos of blackberries

As the sureau (elder berries) are falling, the first mûres, or
blackberries, are ripening – I made a batch of gelée, then another
of blackberry and elderberry jam. This year, many of the plants exposed
to direct sun have died as we continue to have high temperatures and
little rain. Each area in the forest offers a different harvest as the
size and form of fruit varies immensely – there are also clusters of bushes
in the nearby fields and lining the road. Although usually harvested in
September, they are already passing quickly. Jam-making in 30 degree +
heat requires courage, and this is just the first harvest…

Sureau, or elder berries

Jars turned while cooling

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6 thoughts on “Confiture de mûres

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    Miam miam!! What a bounty!! Bonne chance with the jam making! x

  2. Very jealous right about now! Those glorious baskets are bursting with that berry bounty and I marvel at the incredible wealth and generosity of the land (though understand your concerns for this years harvest due to the heat, fires and lack of water too.) Those jam jars remind me of the Bon Mamam (my favourite,) or are all jam jars red gingham in France? Either way, I’m sure it’s all going to be incredibly tasty 🙂

    • Well detected! They are Bonne Maman – red tops are the jam and blue tops the gelée, they are perfect for homemade preserves as they have good seals. Just back from an afternoon in the forest checking on all the patches – there is more work to be done…

  3. I adore your photos – the colours are beautiful.

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