Panier of Plenty

Natural selection

They may not be beautiful, but they’re what nature decided to
create this year – after the proliferation of tiny perfect carrots
last year– ‘you don’t find carrots like these at the supermarket’…

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6 thoughts on “Natural selection

  1. How wonderful, home grown carrots, no doubt of many varieties. Looking forward to seeing them in your recipes soon!

    • Hello! I haven’t yet ventured beyond finely grated carrot with vinaigrette (or lemon juice and olive oil) as salad – in winter we ate the hearty stew ‘boeuf carotte’ which I can recommend, and I make soups or puree, I must start investigating alternatives for summer! We have two varieties and they were both meant to be small… bon appétit, as you enjoy all your delicious culinary creations…

  2. Very cute, I hope they taste good, am loving making the carrot and cheese salad this summer, a recipe straight out of my old Edmonds cookbook.

    • Merci Claire, Good old Edmonds! I admit I never think to look at salads, I use many of the baking recipes like ‘ginger crunch’ – takes me right back to childhood, and is most surprising to locals unaccustomed to slices. I haven’t yet found golden syrup in France so improvise with brown sugar, which is so different here. I looked for cream cheese yesterday (for carrot cake icing) and couldn’t find anything that resembles Philadelphia… it took me a while to get used to ‘levure chimique’ and the whereabouts of cream of tartar is still a mystery… I made a master list of measures and their translations but still find it easier to use ‘cups’… I imagine you might have similar experiences?

      • If you want a substitute for Philadelphia Vivienne try St.Moret. Golden Syrup I now have but used to substitute a very liquid kind of maple syrup and I always bring back baking powder from the UK if I get there.

        Improvisation not such a bad thing as I am learning from my 10 yr old daughter who doesn’t bother with recipes and comes up all kinds of concoctions which I just have to stand back and admire her creativity and fearlessness!

      • Merci Claire, will hunt for St. Moret – I have thought the same with baking powder, that I will have to import it. I hope your daughter bakes some lovely biscuits and cakes (as well as dinner?!), great she has an interest. I used to love watching the reaction with hokey pokey as I also had a chemistry set and would ‘concoct’ things…

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