Panier of Plenty

En vacances

As August commences, the holiday season reaches ‘peak’, as those
seeking the sun or needing a break from ‘normal routine’ head to
the coast or ‘travel south’, migrating to join the thousands of
visitors who swell the population of France to ‘bursting’ in the
height of summer.

Space at a premium (Provence)

Telltale signs of occupation come from European licence plates
with NL (Netherlands), B (Belgium), D (Deutschland), E (España)
and GB (Great Britain) the most prevalent on the roads here,
alongside the vast range of numbers that represent other French
departments, as traffic forms long queues, and locals ‘lie low’
or visit (or receive) family.

Pétanque – at home

Grillade in the garden

For many of us who have the fortune to live in the south, it is a
time of ‘rest and retreat’, rather than ‘venturing out’ – even though
festivals are in full swing, there is nothing to ‘seek’ when the garden
is in full bloom, the mountain air fresh, and the shade of the forest
inviting. Days are lazy as the heat dictates a slow pace, and the
conviviality of a laden table ‘all important’ as we share in the
simple pleasures that lie all around us and relax, hidden away from
the glistening attractions that call so many to our shores.

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9 thoughts on “En vacances

  1. Hi Vivienne, very pleased to hear you’re relaxing after last weeks ordeals and difficulties. I imagine there’s been quite a bit of excitiemnt with the Pyranees, (Tour de France) and Olympic fervor and folks escaping the UK. Not to mention the wayfarers heading to France in their summertime.

    Lovely images as always, particularly of Provence and those lovely colours by the beach, very Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday!

    • Hello and thank you for your wishes, it was good to have a break – I love the film Mr Hulot’s Holiday! I missed all the excitement of the Tour but have been watching some of the Olympics (was here for the start of the Sydney Olympics), and yes, therr is a large English contingent at the moment, all glowing and tanned. There have been dozens of cyclists on our mountain road, perhaps training for next year?!

      • Sounds truly idyllic, as always! I would very much love to see Le Tour one day and follow around some of the regions, without the silly costumes of course.

        Jaques Tati is a national treasure 🙂

      • I hope you do follow Le Tour! Agree on Jaques tati, I love the film with the high tech garden features (like the swordfish) the most I think… the name escapes me… each camera shot is so graphic and his ‘postman’ and other characters so endearing…

      • I agree, a very poignant film and so quirky. Also love the music, I have a fabulous soundtrack with his music from Jour de Fete, Playtime and Mon Uncle and Mr H’s holiday. It was a real find!

        Only another 300 days + till the next Tour!

  2. mesarapugs on said:

    Love the sound of those lazy heat-infused days of relaxation! Miam Miam for the bbq! 😉

  3. …quelle surprise ! What else ?

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