Panier of Plenty

Returning to balance

Apart from the path that leads to the doctor’s surgery, I was
surprised to discover that it is common practice to call on the
services of a guérisseur, or someone who can ‘coupe le feu’
(stop the fire) – often used for sunburn, severe burns or any
illness that involves sensations of burning, individuals tucked
away in the corners of villages throughout France are recognised
for their ability to aid in the relief of symptoms. Now with
first hand experience (after three visits) I am walking proof
that it works – only a few days ago I was in great pain as my
‘nerves were on fire’, diagnosed with the virus varicelle-zona
(shingles), and now I am completely free of pain and the usual
signs that can last for months after. Another initiation into
‘life behind the scenes’: the cultural differences, and how
long held traditions sit happily aside more modern methods
and medicines.

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3 thoughts on “Returning to balance

  1. Wow, what a find, and good to hear you are feeling better for it.

  2. mesarapugs on said:

    Fantastic news!! So inspiring! Are there any tips for help in healing you are able to divulge as from your findings and experience? xx

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