Panier of Plenty

Weeding the weeds

‘Pourpier’ has spread its tentacles through every garden bed and
along with watering it, I have been clearing away the other ‘weeds’
– a delicious salad leaf, it stays succulent and slightly crunchy.

In a tomato salad with grilled courgettes

Spreading as a groundcover

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4 thoughts on “Weeding the weeds

  1. Hi Vivienne, I’m fascinated by these garden varieties. I knew there are a few edible ‘weeds’ and growth in the garden and this looks a little familiar? Are there many different varieties of garden weeds you can eat in France? Let me guess, numerous options and Australia might catch on in the next decade or so!

    • There are so many there are books dedicated to wild salad greens like baby dandelion leaves etc and edible flowers, so many things that we step on and don’t think about, that are full of vitamins – I borrowed a book and am only just beginning to recognise them, it’s mainly though the help of locals pointing out plants that I retain the knowledge. There is more of a movement here to use ‘wild’ ingredients that have been forgotten perhaps, although Australia is more generally advanced with it’s organic devotees and variety of caf’és and supermarkets, here it is just the older generation who continue to pass on practices (which is how I learn’t to recognise the wild asparagus for example, and then I teach others how to find it…) bon appétit!

  2. mesarapugs on said:

    Purslane – we have something very similar overtaking everything in the garden – perhaps time to try some for lunch! 🙂 Has a long history.

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