Panier of Plenty

Thrice Great

Yes! In the poor man’s garden grow
Far more than herbs and flowers
Kind thoughts, contentment, peace of mind
And joy for wary hours.
Mary Howitt.

I wonder if gardening is rewarding because we can see such tangible
results after our efforts – recognition that we’ve created something
‘of use’ in our partnership with nature. There is nothing more
satisfying than being able to eat the fruits of this labour,
knowing that whatever we put on the table is fresh and natural
and hasn’t had to ‘travel’ to be of benefit.

Watching the garden grow becomes a pleasurable pastime – a measure –
proving that everything we put in comes back to us in the form of
‘life to sustain our life’. Nourishing our bodies, yet also our
spirit, for it is uplifting to participate in the essentials and
to then give in to pure enjoyment as we savour the crop produced
by our own hands – touched by the suns rays and watered of course,
incubated and formed in the same earth that we walk on each day,
without any such thoughts.

A metaphor for a creative life: a garden inspires us by rewarding us
‘thrice’, for not only do we sow the seeds of our choice, we water
them patiently and direct proceedings, until finally the effort
pays off and ‘voila’ there is more than we ever imagined. A single
seed creates a crop which in turn produces seeds to start the next
plot, and share with others, disseminating them to the world
– continuing this cycle long after we are old as a simple act
has a ripple effect, and cannot help but spread – if we think
of ‘what comes back to us’ it is very great indeed – aiding us
as we ‘put our hand to the basics’ that guarantees we are well
fed. From the earth to our plate, how much easier can it get
– to harvest the abundance from such little exertion, bringing
much cheer.

End of March, 2011

Morning, July 3rd 2012

Evening view

Mina’s waterhole

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3 thoughts on “Thrice Great

  1. My goodness, Vivienne that’s an incredible amount of work right there! I’m very inspired by your idyllic tales of rustic living in France and the day to day activities, foraging for wild fruits, Elderflowers, scenic walks across those incredible mountains the Pyranees. I look forward to seeing how you use that amazing produce to create some tasty delights later too.

    • Hope your food frenzy is taking your taste buds to exciting new places, thank you for your enthusiasm, we have been inundated with round courgettes so the menu follows whatever is in abundance (cucumbers also!) and I have been altering a ‘farcie’ recipe each time I make stuffed courgettes, pics are under month by month ‘June’… and the next post is for you…

  2. mesarapugs on said:

    Agreed girlinafoodfrenzy! Fantastic and so inspiring!! What a transformation of the potager! Brava! x

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