Panier of Plenty


Wild rhododendrons

Tiny clusters, wild rhododendron

Mountain stream

In the National Park of the Pyrénées in Cerdagne (Parc Naturel Régional
des Pyrénées Catalanes, Pyrénées Orientales), summer announces its
arrival (officially June 22nd) with a fanfare.

As the snow melts it flows as crystal clear tributaries – forming
streams that feed into roaring rivers and high altitude lakes.
Pouring down the steep rocky slopes of the mountains, the icy waters
bring life as flowers burst into colour in their wake.

Flowers growing in the river


On the banks

By the path

Tiny flower at altitude

Joubarbe étoilée


There are few patches of snow remaining – unusual for this time
of year as temperatures mount, just as the ski season was shorter
than in previous years. Defying ‘predictable’, Nature continues to
alter the timing of events and create a new calendar, outside the
framework that once defined the seasons.

Vallée du Campcardos

Looking up to the dramatic peaks

A mountain refuge

Melting snow forms a lake

Rhododendrons cling to the banks

Hiking in the valley of Campcardos, with the ‘Porteilla Blanca’ of
Andorra ahead in the distance, rhododendrons smother the riverbanks
in pink but are yet to open higher up as they cling to the sides of
the mountains. Tiny orchids are nestled in shady corners and wild
horses roam freely in feilds of buttercups…

Wildflower bouquet

Traditional shelter

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One thought on “L’été

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    That’s some grenouille! Beautiful rhodos clinging to the side of the hill – amazing colour! And the traditional shelter with river pulsing by . . . magic!! xx

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