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To be an Artist

Continuing the theme of previous days, I have been contemplating
the definition of ‘artist’, without reading other views – my conclusion
can be distilled down to the word ‘interest’.

Être un Artiste

“To be interested, to live with curiosity as a driving force,
to question, to observe both immensity – holding open the door
to the universe – and the intricate, and to naturally be compelled
to respond to creation by compiling, formulating and generating
a new creation in answer to this desire to participate.

It is not patience or dedication, rather ‘a natural impulse’
– like the most essential need for expression – that determines
the output. Regardless of ‘success’, or others acceptance or
understanding, or resulting fame and fortune, it is merely
instinctual – a quest for discovery that governs evolution and
gives birth to new ideas, as this ‘way of looking at the world’
touches others, and in turn inspires their reactions: a constant
cycle of influences that generate trends, in terms of a leader
with the original impulse and the followers who latch on when
a chord is struck, creating a wave of interest that washes over
popular consciousness, just as enthusiasm fuels the initial
foray into the unknown.

Often it is alchemical; the matière première of pure wonderment
ferments in the alembic that is the mind, yet cannot be separated
from the heart or our reservoir of experience, settling and forming
until filtration, and the final process of decanting the resulting
expression – in whatever form it takes – on to the page, or canvas,
or allowing it to emerge from stone or malleable clay, or to rise
from the fires of a forge, or simply float, ephemerous and barely
there, as a hand with a delicate touch adds a flourish to Life’s
ever-expanding vision – one to behold, as it speaks to our soul.”

A transformation takes place

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2 thoughts on “To be an Artist

  1. To observe with interest and respond with a creative act, I like it 🙂

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