Panier of Plenty

Notre Mer

On the same note…

Inspired by my surroundings – as I lay on the Platya Ros, looking across
the water to Cadaqués – I put pen to paper:

Notre Mer

Her waters are a mirror, reflecting the sky
Fleeting ripples, merely shadows in Translucence’s eye.
Pure light in its highest state
Breaks at the shore in myriad spheres,
While shallows dance,
As waves of gold rush along your bed.

Adorned with pebbles disguised as jewels,
Your reach yields to finer grains.
Each containing a world, we say,
For all is alive, that lies in your wake.

The fruits of your ocean of blue,
The reason so many are drawn to you.
Hearing your call to forget any cares,
Held in your arms we are whole again.

Buoyed and cradled by the essence of life
The very same substance of which we are made,

Joined inexorably in Love’s embrace
At one with the waters that carry us, we are found –

Rescued from all that demands our attention
Aware only of your caress, and afterwards, of the breeze.
Warmed by the sun, to bronze if we choose,
Worshipped in your natural state.

Mer, Méditerranée, neither altar nor temple
Only vastness, without limit, as we enter your portals –
At one with the gods,
Raised beyond mortal when in your presence,
For all else recedes
In the flow that whispers… magnificent.

(I carry a journal so I can respond when the impulse arises).

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