Panier of Plenty

La Côte Catalane

South of the Côte Vermeille which borders the plains of Roussillon and
is framed by the terraced vines of Collioure and Banyuls, the Costa
Brava beacons. Figuier de Barbari are in flower, and the Mediterranean
waters inviting, as they sparkle from turquoise and emerald to azure
in the depths where the fish breed, hidden amongst plant life – it is
as if this palette was created to uplift the spirits and soothe,
just as the gentle sounds of the water lapping could be likened to
a lullaby.

Barbary fig flowers

Figuier de Barbari

Sun-drenched and smothered in flowers, this rocky coast has been
preserved as part of the Parc Natural de Cap de Creus. Walking tracks
pass secluded bays and reveal crumbling towers and whitewashed villas,
as the wakes of boats leave their traces in the endless blue that
stretches to the horizon.


Time stands still, for there is only this moment and the magic of
the luminous beauty – wild and rugged rather than over-tamed, the
coast’s best kept secrets are only accessible ‘à pied’.

Endless blue

Clear Mediterranean waters

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2 thoughts on “La Côte Catalane

  1. Hi Vivienne, it’s so beautiful to see these warmer days and the incredible flora spring up after your winter. The Mediterranean looks exactly as I imagine it, crystal clear, azure blue and inviting. Stunning photos as always too.

  2. mesarapugs on said:

    Yes, stunning photos! And wild? fig as well? Such evocative words, we envy you the warm, languid days of summer! Lovely delicate photo of the mauve/pink flower with tendrils. Bisous xx

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