Panier of Plenty

“Any Old Iron…”

“Any old iron? Any old iron?
Any, any, any old iron?
You look neat. Talk about a treat!
You look so dapper from your napper to your feet
Dressed in style, brand-new tile
And your father’s old green tie on
But I wouldn’t give you tuppence for your old watch and chain
Old iron, old iron!“

Peter Sellers, The Songs Of Sellers (1983)

I can liken our potager (vegetable garden) to an archaelogical site.
Each time we excavate in order to plant, something emerges from
the earth, whether a piece of ceramic pot or shard of glass.

Recent finds

Today, a twisted mass of rusted iron that was interred has been
transformed into ‘markers’ for the vegetables.

Row of carrots

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2 thoughts on ““Any Old Iron…”

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    very creative!

  2. Love the metaphor, I agree it looks very much like you’re excavating for vegetables. The very best kind of buried treasure!

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