Panier of Plenty

Turning the page

As the calendar changes from May to June, there are many adjustments
as ‘summer’ begins: a block of time that is allocated, for June to
August is seen as ‘the peak period’. Activities halt and schedules are
transformed; when television programmes finish they are replaced by
repeats, and our walks in Spain resume in September, due to the heat.

Siesta – Mina

As the mercury climbs suddenly to over 30ºC, the pace of life alters
to include a siesta. Work in the garden begins earlier, halts at 11.00,
and then recommences in the late afternoon.

The cool riverbed

Followed into the forest…

I am in the forest seeking shade and fresh air, as the river brings
relief and the mountains ‘come into their own” – for it is much hotter
on the plains of Roussillon, and here we are refreshed by nature’s flow.
Free-roaming cows are above me in the woods, and in the evening,
graze along the mountain road – their young not yet sure of cars, or what
it means to be herded.

Tilleul tree now in flower

Fontaine des Tilleuls, 1860

New wildflowers have appeared, as others disappear; the tilleuls are
forming their offering – as each branch starts flowering – and will
soon be gathered and dried for tea.

Flower detail

In recent days their have been many feasts; celebrating the end of
this period as we say goodbye to ‘routine’ and let the schedule of
fêtes enter – as all of life here revolves around the seasons.

View to Canigou, May

The peaks of Canigou are looking bare, with snow clinging in folds
as the steep rocky slopes are revealed…

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2 thoughts on “Turning the page

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    Lovely butterfly pic! Blessings of warmth for you as we begin our descent into Winter! However it is so mild and temperate here the bees are active, the birds seeking nectar in blossoms that are starting and never finished, and the land is dry x

  2. Hi Vivienne, beautiful descriptions as always. I also look forward to seeing the fresh teas when you gather the tilleuls to make them.

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