Panier of Plenty

Temps de Flors

One of the large double doors to private residence

Window display

Butterflies under an outdoor arcade

In the street

Temps des Fleurs, or ‘Flower Time’ as Girona opens its doors, revealing
hidden courtyards and gardens, and giving locals and visitors free
access to museums and private buildings. The streets are filled with
sculptural installations, and flowers decorate windows and apartment
entrances. Modern floral expressions bloom within historical landmarks,
and the many churches that dominate the heart of the oldest quarters.

An angel chariot, usually carried in processions

Symbol of Girona, ceiling of a bank

The blazon (coat of arms) of the city, in stone

Roman mosaic, Museu d’Historia de la Ciutat

A roof terrace and courtyard

Jewish, Arab, Roman, Baroque, Catholic, Saracen, Spanish and Catalan
influences merge, as cisterns and roof terraces, underground caverns
and towers, bars and offices alike, invite visitors to enter and discover
their many treasures.

Stapled plastic cups light a cavernous space

A labyrinth of passages, Jewish quarter

Base of a tower, within the ramparts

The theatre entrance (autitori)

A tucked-away bar

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4 thoughts on “Temps de Flors

  1. So much beauty, its almost overwhelming. I love the cup lights in the cavern, superb photo.

    • Hello Clare, the cup lights are so clever, a simple idea, each was held with four staples, one on each side just below the rim. I was tempted to count the cups to see how the design worked…

  2. Call me a traditionalist, but the Theatre entrance up those beautifully polished steps is my favourite if the images. Well captured moments in your tour and of course, the stunning scenery that is Rural France.

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