Panier of Plenty


La France

Château and 2CV

As a photographer, I was always on the lookout for what I considered
‘quintessentially French’. The stereotypes that immediately shout their
origin, allowing the pictures to speak for themselves. My image of France
as a tourist was very different to ‘daily life’ now, and I realise it is
hard to sum up ‘French’, particularly in this part of the south where the
Calatan flag flies ahead of the French tricolour. In nature, there is not
one flower that says ‘French’ – the mountains have no idea that they are
on the border and can claim both French and Spanish descent. The fleur de
lys receedes in favour of the ‘âne catalan’ – proudly worn by the cars of
this department ’66’, adorning their rear. Yet as I eat my croissant, it is
identical to one that I can find anywhere – my breakfast in Australia was
the same as it is here!

Âne Catalan

A French export – touring in Scotland

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2 thoughts on “Icons

  1. Thankfully Aussies aren’t partial to crossaints with Vegemite, 🙂

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