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Gâteau au chocolat

A flourless chocolate cake that is simple and quick; this is a recipe
that cries out to be shared. It uses few ingredients in comparison
to more extravagant recipes and has proved itself invaluable as a
dessert plate (with a rasperry coulis or cream) or as a delicious
afternoon goûter with coffee. When I first tasted it at the home of
French friends it was in the form of a heart – it makes a small flat
cake to cut into squares – I use a round mould with a hole, it is
deeper and can be served in slices (it seems to retain more moisture
in this form).

Gâteau au chocolate

Gâteau au chocolat

3 eggs (3 oeufs)
125g ground almonds (poudre d’amandes)
100g chocolat noir (70%)
100-120g butter (buerre)
100-120g sucre (sucre)

A small cake tin, buttered (moule à gâteau, petit)

Melt butter and chocolate in a bain marie, leave aside to cool slightly.
Separate eggs and mix yolks with sugar until white. Add almonds, then
chocolate, mix together. Beat whites with a pinch of salt until stiff
peaks form, fold in gently and pour into mould.

Cooks 20-30 minutes, gas 4-5, 150-165ºC (test: time/temp is for a fan oven).
Will spring back when cooked, or a skewer will come out clean.

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8 thoughts on “Gâteau au chocolat

  1. I love a simple dessert and this recipe would be perfect. You have a lovely blog by the way…my first visit.

  2. fred on said:

    MMmmmm….J’ADORE ce gâteau ^_^

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  4. Ooh la la, well done and the photo gorgeous too!

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