Panier of Plenty


As we settle back in to a daily rhythm and enjoy the warmth of the
sun, Mina’s welcome back present now totals ‘five mice’, delivered
to the doorstep with much fanfare (the first three were in succession,
upon our arrival).

Click here to view image gallery: Chez Mina

The doormat mysteriously diminished in our absence, but the culprit
has been found – the fibre is being carefully plucked be a messange
who is building a nest and flits into the entrance to gather the
coir matting when Mina is out of sight.

The horse chestnut (marronier) is in full bloom, the grass has grown
high and the roses are in bud. The chestnut trees in the forest are
now covered in leaves, transforming our route, and cherries are
appearing on the cerisier. The morning dew is heavy and glistens in
the low sunlight, as the clouds that shroud the higher peaks disperse.

Marronier in bloom

Cherries forming

Dew and cobwebs

Morning view, bathroom window

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3 thoughts on “Bienvenue

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    A stunning opening image! Beautiful and free Mina in Paradise! x

  2. mesarapugs on said:

    p.s what a generous kind Mina, with so many gifts! She missed you!

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