Panier of Plenty

Change of scene

Fields of colza (rapeseed) in La Vienne, Poitou-Charentes, as we
travel northwest. Spring abounds in bluebell woods where crocus
flowers are just emerging. The scent of lilac fills the air and the
muguet trees (lily of the valley in a larger form – prunus padus)
are in bloom. Storms have followed us on our travels, leaving
rainbows in their wake.


Colza or rapeseed

In the woods

Crocus flowers


L'arbre à muguet

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5 thoughts on “Change of scene

  1. Absolutely stunning. The variety of those colours and foliage on a temptuous stormy afternoon are truly gorgeous.

  2. The muguet is divine, that reminds me there is a beautiful ‘carnet de timbres’ available at the moment for local French postage with 12 different flowers, with the title ‘Le Langage des fleurs. I have been sending out my Aromatherapy postcards to gites in the area and using this divine collection, so much more attractive than the standard stamps, the muguet is associated with bonheur and the Coquelicot with joie, keep an eye out for them 🙂

    • Thank you Claire, will do, what a lovely idea. I have a little illustrated book I treasure – the language of flowers, carefully painted by a husband for his wife as a gift. In case you are interested and haven’t yet discovered the new section in the menu, I have added a few poems and musings under ‘Leaves from My Book’…

  3. mesarapugs on said:

    Extraordinary colours!! The Rapeseed against that thunderous sky – fantastic!! So evocative!

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