Panier of Plenty


Snow flurries on the peaks today

As I breakfast inside with the fire glowing, I can see flocons de neige
darting past the window, driven by the wind. The hills that I walked
through yesterday are obscured by a blaze of white – if I sometimes
forget that there is a border, I was reminded as we followed the bornes
that mark the boundary line between France and Spain. They were
established in 1866 with the signing of the treaty of Bayonne, an accord
between the department of the Pyrénées Orientales and province of Girona.
Borne no.1 is situated in Pays Basque on the Atlantic coast – the border
stretches 632 kilometres to the Mediterranean coast, culminating in
borne 602.

Looking down to borne 582, a flat rock

We live much closer than I thought to the frontière, with local marker
stones that begin at the Fort of Bellegarde in Le Perthus: bornes 578-582, at
varying altitudes on the ridge directly above us. As I walked from France
to Spain and back with the French/Catalan hiking group Albera Viva,
we were whipped by the tramontane; today it carries snow in blizzard-like
flurries. On the highest peaks and valleys above there is a significant
dusting; the spring forest transformed. The ‘eskimo’ (my goose down coat
with a fur-lined hood) has been brought out of the cupboard where I
thought it mothballed until winter – my car announced it was 2 degrees,
warning ice, and the road is littered with branches, rocks and cows
– as they have descended, finding shelter.

Yesterday, at lower altitude

Today, at higher altitude

View to Canigou, Sunday 15th April

Canigou this morning, dominating the frontière

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2 thoughts on “Frontière

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    beautiful images!

  2. Helen Adams on said:

    Hi Viv – I look at your blog most days to give me a boost! – the area looks stunning and your photography is (as ever!) exquisite – it’s raining here in dismal England, I’m sure it’s nicer where you are !! Helen xx

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