Panier of Plenty

Lawyers Wigs…

…Ink Caps, Shaggy Manes or Coprinus Comatus: here they are known
as ‘Coprin Chevelu’. A surprise discovery this morning led to research,
and then an afternoon spent harvesting the mushrooms in nearby fields.

The first specimens

It was incredible seeing them liquefy and curl up as they sat waiting
to be prepared – It is no wonder they were used for ink. We dined on
the freshest and smallest, pan fried in butter, but I am looking for
recipes that hide their texture – although they have a rich taste they
are a little slimy and release a large amount of water while cooking.

I would never have thought them edible (as I am still learning about
the varieties here) – our book gives them the highest rating for
consumption, three sets of knives and forks meaning ‘très bon goût’
but as far as I am concerned, the jury is still out…

Read more about mushrooms and spring in the South of France:
April 2012, Month by Month

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