Panier of Plenty


…on the last few days, travelling within less than a three hour radius
of home – 140 kilometres on winding roads to the furthest point: the lake
and dam of Passet in Porté-Puymorens, on the route to Andorra.

Monday 26th March. Heading south into Spain to explore the province
of Girona and some of our nearby villages: Darnius, Maçanet de Cabrenys,
and Sant Llorenç de la Muga.

Barrage de Darnius-Boadella

Sant Llorenç de la Muga, from ramparts

Tuesday 27th March. Driving from our canton of Rosselló through Vallespir
and the Conflent to Latour de Carol in Cerdagne. (Définition. Le canton
est une subdivision territoriale de l’arrondissement).

The Conflent changes to Cerdagne

Wednesday 28th March. A day of skiing on the pistes of Font Romeau and
Pyrénées 2000 ski stations, Cerdagne.

Piste, Font Romeu

Skiing at Font Romeau

Le Grand Four Solaire d'Odeillo (Font Romeu)

View to the Pyrénées from Odeillo

Thursday 29th March. Exploring the village of Latour de Carol in the
morning, then a hike with snowshoes to look for herds of mouflon in
the national park at Porté-Puymorens.

Latour de Carol, porte

Window frame engraved 1785

Barrage de Passet

Lake formed by the dam of Passet

Walking around the frozen lake

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5 thoughts on “Reflection…

  1. All of these photos are beautiful! They capture the amazing beauty I’ve only heard of in Europe! I’m especially moved by your picture of the Lake formed by the Dam at Passet. I perfect spot for contemplation.

  2. mesarapugs on said:

    Absolutely breathtaking!!! The opening shot is fit for National Geographic!! Pure magic! Well done you!! xx

  3. Il est beau mon pays Catalan n’est ce pas ?
    Tes photos sont superbes…”comme d’habitude…” ^_^

  4. I was so immersed in your lovely pictures I hadn’t picked up the Antipodean link, but I almost see it in your choice of photos now, there is something familiar about an open view and majestic scenery, the deep breath of nature.

    Reading of your destinations, we seem to have followed a similar route here 🙂 And likewise I will enjoy your picturesque journey, thank you so much for stopping by and connecting.

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