Panier of Plenty

Head above the clouds

At times we are in our own world – one of the advantages of living
at altitude. As heavy mist (la brume) obscures Perpignan and the
plains below, fresh dew glistens in the sun and traces of fine vapour
waft up the valley.

Sheltered from the breeze that cooled Perpignan and the coast yesterday,
it was much warmer here than ‘en bas’ (below). Paris recorded 22,
exactly double the normal average for this time of year.

‘March 2012’ under ‘Month by Month’ in the main menu has been updated,
and new images added under ‘Randonnées’: an excursion to Cap Creus
on the Spanish Costa Brava…

The front lawn

The garden wall

Through the garden gate

The potager, now taking shape

View from potager, the hills that border Spain

Mist appears then vanishes

View towards the Col d'Ouillat

Clouds below rise, Canigou barely visible

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2 thoughts on “Head above the clouds

  1. I look forward to reading of the beautiful things that will grow in your garden in the future. I’m just amazed at the beauty and tranquility that is France.

  2. mesarapugs on said:

    What a magic morning! Full of wonder and surprise – truly beautiful!

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