Panier of Plenty

Cap Creus

Hiking in Spain, Ranndonnée en Espagne

The snowcapped peaks of Canigou were visible from the windswept cape
– Cap Creus – on the Spanish Costa Brava today. The 26km circuit
followed the coast – starting at Port Lligat, looking across the
bay to the home of Salvador Dali – as we passed dry stone terraces
with olive trees, mounted the serpentine path to the lighthouse
and then headed inland. Today’s harvest (tomorrow’s omelette) was
wild asparagus and fennel – we were surrounded by rosemary, thyme,
wild chives and lavender, in flower. It is such a parched landscape,
it is hard to imagine how so many plants manage to florish…

Inland, typical Mediterranean 'garrique'

Asparagus rehydrating in water

Fenouil sauvage, wild fennel

Garrigue – Wikipédia. En botanique, la garrigue (de l’occitan garriga)
désigne une formation végétale caractéristique des régions méditerranéennes,
proche du maquis.

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3 thoughts on “Cap Creus

  1. How incredible that you can forage for all those beautiful ingredients in that wonderful landscape! How very lucky that mother nature found a way!

    • Hello, yes – nature provides so much, it never ceases to amaze me,
      it is all there to be discovered, once we think to look!

      • Having never visited Europe I’m an armchair traveller, but I still love to read of the many wonderful places this world has & dream (about those wonderful destinations) for some day.

        That and my (partner a mad recreational cyclist) insists on taking over the television when the Tour De France is on offer 🙂

        I think your blog is so beautiful and I love your photos and rustic style.

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