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The Weather

March 1st 2012. A conversation opener, and something we all notice,
the weather is the subject on everyone’s lips. “It is too hot, unseasonably
warm” and the snow that has been long awaited now melts on the ski
fields, as temperatures soar.

As March begins with ‘record highs’ there is more confusion in the
natural kingdom. Officially it is still winter and the blossoms
are out, just as the recent ‘wave of cold’ halted the burst of
early growth. How can we adjust? When nothing is predictable,
what is there to be done? The ‘new normal’ refuses to be defined,
for ‘climate change’ encompasses a broad range, and doesn’t help
‘solve’– only poses theories on ‘how we’ve arrived’ at the point of
all we are experiencing.

Aware that nothing is quite the same, we ‘go with the flow’ and try
to compensate. Protecting our plants even though it is warm, using
common sense, as instincts tell us what to do rather than remaining
fixed or following rules – flexibility is our tool.

Each day brings a new surprise, and today it was the warmth of the
sun we welcomed – the clear blue skies and sparkling peaks were
magnificent, as we drove to Andorra.

Pas de la Case, Andorre

Wikipedia: Andorra is a parliamentary co-principality with the
President of France and the Bishop of Urgell (Catalonia, Spain),
as co-princes.

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One thought on “The Weather

  1. Anna-Maryke and pugs on said:

    Indeed, Nature is the Boss! On the other side of the globe it is rain, rain, rain! What an amazing and slightly incongruous building the Pas de la Case!

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